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Burton, K., Cocks, C., Russell, B. (2022, December 14). Publishing Values-based Scholarly Communication [Open Educational Resource (OER)]. Scholarly Communication Notebook. / doi:

Articles and White Papers

The HuMetricsHSS Team. “Walking the Talk.” “Walking the Talk” on PubHub, HuMetricsHSS, 23 Feb. 2022,

Russell, Bonnie. “Information Management and the Need for Cataloging in Fanfiction Communities.” Humanities Commons, 15 Mar. 2015,

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Platypus, the Humanities Commons Team Blog

Five Years by the Numbers – a deep dive into the growth of the HC community

Commons Highlights

A web series highlighting groups, sites, and organizations that make the Commons their home. We’re asking users who have created vibrant and thriving communities on how they did it, and the lessons they have learned.

Dr. Kendra Preston Leonard
The Global Digital Humanities Symposium
The Composers of Color Resource Project
The Open Access Books Network