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  • It’s Fat Bear Week!

    No, this has nothing to do with project management, product management, or academia at all. Instead this is a celebration of one of my favorite weeks of the year, Fat Bear Week! Voting starts today! The brown bears of Katmai National Park in Alaska are expert fishers and eat boatloads of salmon to bulk up […]

  • What’s up with all the AI hype?

    I gave a short presentation to my unit yesterday and thought that perhaps others might be interested. You can find it in the CORE repository, and if you have further resources or comments feel free to send them my way.

  • Mastodon 101 – a short, simple guide to getting started in the Fediverse

    In prep for a discussion later today with colleagues on Mastodon I created a little cheat sheet that I thought might be helpful to others. Check it out below. Resources and general information: Some suggested instances: Resources that might be helpful in building community: Download a version of this guide on Humanities Commons.

  • Values and Website Inclusivity

    Author note: This blog is crossposted from the HuMetricsHSS website. I am the digital specialist on the HuMetricsHSS team and the project manager on the Commons platform. I’m the digital specialist for HuMetricsHSS and I wanted to talk a bit about how both our values as a team and my values work together to inform […]

  • I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole

    The AI blog post had some traction and I realized that it would be much easier to continue the collection if I moved it to a Zotero. Find the collection in the menu as “AI Controversies” (under Projects in the main menu). I plan to continue adding to it as I find articles and papers. […]

  • Research: AI errors, risks, and retractions

    Update 3/28/2023: An updated version of this list can be found in AI Controversies under Projects. As a librarian in higher education who works in scholarly communication I’ve been watching the increasing use of ChatGPT in both journalism and in the creation of papers and research. Below is a list of articles on the topic […]

  • Trailer: From Pilot to Platform

    Over on the Building the Commons blog I’ve posted the first in what will be a series of blog posts on project managing complex, grant-funded projects. From the post: I’ve wanted to start a discussion on the project management of ambitious, nebulous projects that seek to fundamentally change the way we work. Over the next […]

  • New OER: Publishing Values-based Scholarly Communication

    I could not be happier to announce that our new open educational resource (OER) “Publishing Values-based Scholarly Communication” is live and is now part of the Scholarly Communication Notebook. See the the SCN blog post and you can find the OER at publiclyengagedpublishing.org. From the OER: The OER is designed to increase understanding of how […]

  • Joy in OA

    This post also appears on Platypus, the Humanities Commons team blog. As a librarian, I think a lot about how to ensure access to information of all kinds. Prior to joining the Humanities Commons team, I spent almost 10 years in scholarly publishing, and I grew increasingly concerned about the sustainability of current publishing models. […]

  • I’ve been thinking…

    and that’s dangerous. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to say here. That means I haven’t said anything, because I’ve gotten stuck in the thinking part. I’d like to talk a bit about what it’s like to manage large digital projects and platforms that are unlike what have come before. There are […]

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