Trailer: From Pilot to Platform

Over on the Building the Commons blog I’ve posted the first in what will be a series of blog posts on project managing complex, grant-funded projects. From the post:

I’ve wanted to start a discussion on the project management of ambitious, nebulous projects that seek to fundamentally change the way we work. Over the next few months in this blog series, I’d like to explore what managing a project like Humanities Commons entails, the ways in which large projects like these are different in the ways they’re funded, staffed, and developed, and how we might define new ways of thinking about and creating structure around them.

“Trailer: From Pilot to Platform” – Building The Commons

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Head on over and let’s start the conversation.


New OER: Publishing Values-based Scholarly Communication

I could not be happier to announce that our new open educational resource (OER) “Publishing Values-based Scholarly Communication” is live and is now part of the Scholarly Communication Notebook. See the the SCN blog post and you can find the OER at

From the OER:

The OER is designed to increase understanding of how a values-based approach to scholarly communication can address the challenges of publishing publicly engaged scholarship, with particular emphasis on humanities and social sciences.

The focus of this resource is primarily on the underrepresented area of publicly engaged scholarship. It addresses a wide range of MLIS students and LIS professionals based at universities, especially those whose mission explicitly encompasses engaged scholarship initiatives. The resource also spotlights publicly engaged publishing initiatives that provide examples of scholarly communications projects with social justice values such as equity, access, fairness, inclusivity, respect, ethics, and trust deeply embedded in their design. 

“About this OER,” Publishing Values-based Scholarly Communication

I co-authored the OER with Kath Burton (Routledge, Taylor & Francis) and Catherine Cocks (Interim Director, Michigan State University Press). We had a lovely time creating it and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!